Push your fitness further with our high-intensity group fitness classes.


Our circuit classes focus on total body conditioning for any fitness level. We modify any exercise as well as progress or regress each exercise based on the individual. Class primarily consists of 6-8 stations that make up a circuit. Our circuits change every day thereby constantly placing new demands on your body. We focus individual attention in a fun group environment.


  • Orientation: Arrive 10 – 15 minutes early to sign waiver and go through gym orientation
  • Dynamic Warm-up: 3 – 5 minutes
  • Circuits: 35 – 40 minutes: Multiple circuits consisting of 45 seconds per station
  • Cool Down: 5 – 10 minutes: Static Stretching & Foam Rolling (Optional)


  • Towel
  • Water
  • Good Attitude


All you have to do is show up. We provide the motivation, leadership, and inspiration to guide you into the best shape of your life… and keep you there!


These high energy / low impact workouts are perfect for people of every size and shape, and conditioning level. I've been doing HIIT / Crossfit workouts at my office gym 3x a week and decided to hit up Brian's gym on the other days and found that I'm sweating and working out just as hard without beating my body up with the unnecessary weights and perfect-form-requiring movements that often cause injury if you're doing it just slightly wrong. At Versatile Fitness, we do quick one minute stations in a circuit format with only a short 10 seconds or so of rest in between to keep your heart pumping and your cardio working. The short circuits keep you motivated to press on to the very end, knowing that it's always just a few seconds away! Most exercises use your body weight, or light weights (with high reps), or the slam ropes, Bosu balls, medicine balls, and TRX straps, so you can workout effectively yet safely. But most importantly, the classes are high energy and lots of fun! The music is pumping, and the trainers are active, helping everyone work out properly and maximizing your benefit to your effort. I consider myself to be in pretty good shape yet I still get a great workout here, and every 45 minute sessino leaves me feeling satisfied in my workout for the day! Even more than just a gym though, Brian is an excellent nutrionist and he will go through a full fitness / wellness consultation with you to help you achieve whatever goals you tell him you want to. I know they've got some great deals for the summertime, and you can walk on in and try them out for the first week for free. For all my fellow Clairemont-ies, this is a great opportunity to get your workouts in close to home, without all the bruhaha you have to put up with at the Globo gyms!
Vince Pangan
Vince Pangan
04:30 02 Mar 17
The workouts are challenging & different every day. The music & the trainer are super motivating!
Tassia Bezdeka
Tassia Bezdeka
18:48 16 Feb 17
Candice Cila
Candice Cila
13:30 18 Jul 17
open early
Stacie Dahl
Stacie Dahl
05:09 13 Oct 17
Dustin Kerkstra
Dustin Kerkstra
01:32 23 Jan 18