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I believe my active life style began in the womb as my mother would always joke that I was cartwheeling before I could walk. My passion for activity and movement was ever present in my childhood and has continued into my adult life. At a very young age, I began competitive gymnastics and constantly gave the older boys a run for their money when it came to pull-up contests. I moved my competitive nature to the basketball court in middle school and high school while also taking a place on the dance team. At the same time, I mentored a group of young girls through directing my own dance troupe.

I came to love leading people through movement and creating a more expressive and healthy lifestyle. After college, I had a hard time finding a community where I could continue helping others in this way. My career in Hospitality Management, I started to get bogged down with the long hours and stress, which lead to overeating and eventually weight gain. I was unhappy and knew it was time to put my health first.

After joining Versatile Fitness and getting back to the lifestyle I always strived for, I knew it was time to jump back into a leadership role within my fitness community. I have since become a certified personal trainer and could not be happier to call myself a part of the VFit Trainer Team. With a group of like-minded individuals, I am driven by the sustainable practices we teach our clients and our ability to show people how to be healthy and happy without giving up all the great things we enjoy in life.

We are creating a better world one 45 second interval at a time…so, are you ready??

  • Hospitality Management,  University of Denver
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine – CPT










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