Why a morning workout is so important on Thanksgiving day

Why a morning workout is so important on Thanksgiving day

Many people have the mindset that if you’re going to eat tons of junk and drink alcohol all day that a workout really won’t matter.  However, this is a terrible mindset to have and here’s why:

I want to talk about a concept called E.P.O.C, which stands for Excess Post-Oxygen Consumption. This is the concept of burning calories for long after an intense workout, also known as the “After Burn”.   At the onset of our intense circuit training workouts, our bodies accumulate an oxygen debt. This deficit forces our bodies to work overtime in order to repay that debt, even after leaving the gym.  This causes a huge ramp up in your metabolism, which means even when you’re at home watching football on the couch with a turkey leg in your mouth….you will be burning extra calories.  This we all know is extra important on a day like Thanksgiving!

Studies show that lifting weights and strength training keeps your metabolism going long after that final circuit is complete. In most cases, your body will continue to burn calories for 40-60 minutes post-workout. It is worth noting that the typical “cardio” ie. biking, jogging, and hiking will certainly burn calories, however, they have very little sustained EPOC. These have an average of 15 minutes of post-workout calorie burn. High-intensity interval training is your best use of time resulting in the best results.  This is just another reason why we train this way at Versatile Fitness 😉

Maximize your time in the gym and you will maximize your calorie burn outside of it!  Consistent circuit training turns your body into a calorie burning machine and will give you some more leeway in your meal plan. So sign up for that Thanksgiving day circuit class and PAY THE PRICE! Looking to learn more? Check out the 3 phases of muscle contraction. 










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