At VF, we consider you a member of our family and we will always protect you as such.  We are very excited to open our doors again and see your faces, but let’s all get on the same page with the 10 VF Protocols:

1) Do not come to the gym if you feel sick or if you are immuno-compromised.  Keep kicking ass with our At-Home workouts :). New digital workout schedule to follow next week.  We will have at least one digital bootcamp available per day that you’ll be able to sign up for and receive the recording.  We are still working on building our virtual platform.

2) Arrive 5-10 mins before class to get situated, sanitize your hands upon entering and to avoid having your spot in class given away.

3) Class capacity will be capped at 14 with 2 people per station.  This will be closely monitored and workouts will be developed with your safety in mind.  Extra time will be allotted between stations to wipe down your equipment.

4)  Late Cancel and No Show policies are absolutely in effect at $7.  Please remember to cancel class before the 1 hour window.  Since classes will be capped at 14, waitlists will occur and we want everyone to have a chance to get into their desired class time.  Please don’t message us before class to weasel out of the $7.

5) COVID19 is not transmitted through sweat.  It is spread through respiratory droplets, so just keep your mouth closed the entire time. Just kidding, ( but seriously tho…)  avoid touching your face, coughing, sneezing and talking the entire class.  You know who you are…

6) We ask that you do not congregate before and after classes.  Wash your hands and keep your distance as new teammates arrive.  This also allows staff to provide additional cleaning after each session.

7) Please do NOT double book classes at this time.  Be a good neighbor and allow everyone a chance to get in their VF workout before you try and do double and triple classes.  Just do it right the first time 🙂

8)  Please, for the love of god, bring a towel to class.  We’ve been saying this for over 5 years, but now is truly the time to respect your fellow workout partners and not leave your station a sweaty mess.  It is ideal to bring your own water bottle as well to prevent hangouts and touching of the water fountain during breaks.  We will have water bottles, towels and masks for sale.

9) No children or additional workout voyeurs.  Please enhance your spatial awareness during the workout as well as when arriving/ departing the studio.

10) Trainers will instruct from distance and will refrain from yelling towards anyone.  We may or may not wear masks depending on the situation.  They are not mandatory for anybody, but if you force us to yell at you up close we will apply our masks accordingly.











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