Why Does Music Help Us Exercise?

Why Does Music Help Us Exercise?

Ever notice you have a better workout when you lose yourself in the music? Here are 4 reasons a good playlist improves your workout!

You Work Harder

Many studies have shown that working out while listening to music with higher tempos makes you work harder!  However, ideally you want to find just the right tempo that isn’t too fast, and this is the reason the majority of our Versatile Fitness playlists fall into the 120-140 beats per minute range.  Ditch the slow tunes during workouts and raise your beat!

Music puts you in the zone

Ever have one of your favorite jams come on the radio and instantly your mood changes and your head starts bobbing as you cruise down the freeway? All of a sudden you’re Biggie Smalls telling fellow drivers that you love it when they call you Big Poppa.  We’ve all been there and the same goes for working out to your favorite jams.  The emotional connection has a way of boosting your energy and improving your physical performance. So go on with your bad self.

Music Equalizes Your Pace

Many runners and cyclists will tell you how important it is during training to be aware of their pace.  Selecting a soundtrack that has a certain beat per minute can help you keep a certain rhythm.  Following a good pace helps to use energy more efficiently, keeps your breathing in control and makes keeping up way more fun mentally!

Music Distracts You

Many people are not always big fans of working out, but having a new playlist on deck can add some motivation to get to the gym.  When music is pumping through your ear drums it can also distract you from the sounds of heavy breathing and panting.  This makes you less aware of your exertion and the faster tempos keep your brain processing the information at a higher rate as well.  This is a big reason we keep the playlists at Versatile Fitness fresh every week.

Our playlists change just as much as those circuits do. Raise Your Beat!










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