About Us



The year was 2009, the place was Crown Point Park, San Diego. One lonely New Yorker found himself 3000 miles away from home with a set of dumbbells, a stopwatch, and idea that would change the lives of many. It was that very day that Versatile Fitness was born.

Versatile Fitness was created by Bryan Mistretta, who started his business training one client at a time in various parks and homes throughout San Diego county. As his following increased significantly, Bryan expanded his program to group training sessions to leverage his time and have a greater impact on his loyal patrons.

In 2014, Bryan partnered with fellow trainer and nutritionist Mike Hastings and opened his very first indoor boot camp studio in Clairemont, San Diego. The people kept coming, the classes kept filling, and Clairemont was running out of space. In 2016, Bryan opened his second, much larger boot camp studio location in Pacific Beach, San Diego.

Bryan and Mike’s goal was to create a positive and welcoming space for any person at any fitness level. They have committed themselves to developing an efficient and effective workout that was congruent to their training philosophies. Combining functional strength and cardiovascular training with a high-energy soundtrack was the vision. Through many trials and tribulations, positives and negatives, and likes and dislikes; they molded together with the perfect 45-minute circuit training workout.

The growth didn’t stop there. In late 2018, Bryan decided to explore and enter into a new fitness marketplace: the indoor cycling industry. In May 2019, he opened his third studio location: Versatile Fitness Revolution. Located directly next to Versatile Fitness Pacific Beach, Revolution is the newest indoor cycling studio equipped with 30 blue custom VF bikes, state of the art sound and lighting systems. Bryan and Mike’s experience and true passion for helping others achieve their health goals has enabled them to build a wildly successful business. Their determination to constantly improve, dedication to their members, and contagious positive energy continues to engage and inspire the VF community each and every day.
The gratitude we feel every day for what has been built in such a short period of time is truly immeasurable. We thank you and welcome you to the Versatile Fitness family with open arms. –Bryan, Mike, and Bubba