Growing up, I was an introverted, overweight kid with an enormous love for food. My mother even said as a chunky toddler, I would waddle over to other people’s tables at restaurants and open my mouth in hopes that they would share their food. The love for food, all kinds of food, has obviously been my thing since birth. Luckily for me, I also loved sports and being active outdoors. Being athletic and always wanting to compete kept me in decent shape throughout school. I captained my wrestling and football team in high school and went on to play collegiate rugby for the University of Rhode Island. I studied fitness and nutrition but went the route of attaining a business management degree. After graduating, I quickly realized that in order for me to be happy and successful I needed to find a career that I’m truly passionate about. I combined my love for people, athletics, and business into one and became a personal trainer.
Subsequently, I managed various health clubs on the east coast while training clients in the gym as well as virtually all over the world. I moved to the fitness mecca, San Diego, to chase my dreams of entrepreneurship in year round sunshine. I began my own private training and nutrition business and a few years later opened two successful group training gyms. I’ve had the opportunity to help motivate and train thousands of clients over the years whom most of which I’ve developed close relationships with. I love teaching people how to reach their goals, while at the same time enjoying everything life has to offer. Be active and be healthy the majority of the time, and you can enjoy those special “cheat” days even more. I use the FSC principles every single day and it allows me to stay healthy, keep my body lean and allows me to eat all the pizza I want on football Sunday


We bring you the VFit Warrior Shred not just on proven science, but more so proven results. We want to highlight that this is a fat shred and not a weight shred. No matter what your fitness or health goal may be we want to help you create the best version of yourself. The goal should always be to change your body composition. This means that our primary focus is to help you lose body fat while maintaining and building lean muscle. A scale won’t show you those changes, but our Warrior Challenge sure will.

A combined 20 years in the fitness industry with hundreds and hundreds of transformations have allowed us to develop the most effective program based on real life experience. We have tested this challenge with people all over the world, from all different walks of life. We have found what works and what doesn’t work not only with our clients but with ourselves. We practice what we preach every day and have put everything to the test over the years. We want our program to challenge you, but also teach you the basic fundamentals of healthy living.

We care about you and your goals and we want to make sure we provide you all the tools necessary to reach them. Although the challenge is somewhat strict for 24 days, our hope is that you will feel amazing and have a better understanding of how to implement these principles far beyond one month. Our care and the support is unmatched and your goals become our goals. We have combined the very best in strength training, nutrition and counseling, motivation and accountability with your favorite team of trainers guiding you every step of the way. Commit to us and our plan for 4 weeks and become our next success story.